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How do Amphipods reproduce?

The female Amphipod carries the eggs under her abdomen in a pouch for 2-3 weeks until they hatch. At this point the newly born baby Amphipods start wiggling around which tickles the mothers belly. This is the sign for the mother Amphipod to release the fully formed baby Amphipods, which are a smaller fully formed version of the adults. She does this by molting which allows the baby pods to leave her care. The newly born Amphipods are now on their own and are able to swim freely and forage on algae and detritus.


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About Amphipods.

Amphipods occupy a key niche in the reef tank habitat food chain.

Amphipods are one of the hardiest plankton prey species and readily reproduce in the home aquarium providing individuals of differing sizes from newly born to adults for different sized fish mouths.

Amphipods are one of the dominant macrobenthic crustaceans that live on coral reef ecosystems in the world's oceans.

This makes them an important prey item for most all reef fish and other organisms like seahorses, Mandarin fish to name a few.

Many larger animals like octopus, cuttlefish,and squid spend their juvenile stages hunting and eating Amphipods from substrate and rocks on the coral reefs. 

These factors make amphipods one of the major ecological components of the food web sustaining our ocean reefs.

So it stands to reason that Amphipods are a critical necessary organism to introduce and have in abundance in our reef tank aquariums.


As Amphipods mature to adults they become more benthic (like to crawl on structure), but will also swim sometimes.

Gammaridea or Gammaridean Amphipoda reef Amphipods size reference below.

Newborn naupli are in the 100- 200 micron size.

Stages of juveniles are 1 – 3 millimeter size.

Adults get up to 6 millimeter (1/4 inch) size.

Amphipods are one of the best and easiest to culture of the larger zooplanktonfor use as fish food.

Amphipods are a hardy survivor and very prolific breeders.

Buy Amphipods in wholesale quantities and get a great vacation food for Large aquarium tanks fish only, or reef tanks and refugium.




In addition to the macro algae I’ll be ordering live Mysis.  Their offspring are good food for the dwarves and they should help me as part of a clean-up crew, too.


 I raise and enrich baby brine shrimp for the seahorses but have read that Amphipods can be bad for the dwarf seahorses since they’re rather large (as compared to other pods.


Mysid are great also. You'll have to see how long they can survive in a small tank with the horses preying on them. But you have the right idea with supplementing live brine. Adult Amphipods are too large for fish with small mouths like dwarfs and mandarin fish. But the baby amphipods and juveniles are their natural prey along with Mysid. The fact that they can't eat the the adults amphipods makes them ideal because they will keep on breeding and evade predation. Amphipods have more chance of surviving and co existing in a small tank with predators. But Mysid are also the best food for the dwarfs. Amphipods are hardier than Mysid under any circumstance.


Amphipods are hardier than Mysid. A combination of both for a seahorse tank is the ideal situation as far as environment for the ponies. Each organism has different nutritional profile. like chicken, fish or red meat for us. Mysid need to eat more often than Amphipods also since they are more a predator than Amphipods which are detritivores and algae eaters. Mysid will eat your live brine or other zooplankton but you can also feed them non live micronized foods. Just food for thought since you want to keep the prey animals healthy and living in the tank.





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Great supply of amphipods!
Written by Xao Thao on 22nd May 2022

I bought amphipods in bulk for my seahorses. They can alive, healthy, and very active! There were a mix of adults and juveniles which is great for my seahorses because some are still only a few months old. It was fun watching the seahorses chase the live prey around and eat them. This is I think the third time I bought amphipods from Rusalty and they’re always great live foods with super fast shipping. I always get my orders the next day by noon. Rusalty is a great company I recommend for live marine foods!

amazing! tons of pods!
Written by Brutsey on 7th Apr 2022

Big pods, all alive, got a lot more than I expected.

Written by David Ekers on 7th Jun 2020

Wild action from these guys as they swam for the rocks in their new home. Many, many pods in the 250 ct. size. Packed with care, 4 day USPS trip did not cause any issues.

Stellar customer service!
Written by Kristel V. on 22nd Apr 2020

My husband and I ordered the bulk amphipods because the price is not only amazing, but our smaller orders have always been very lively and hardy. We had a little bad luck with the first order. These things happen and we totally understand so we reached out right away to let them know that somehow the little guys died in transit. Customer service was very kind and understanding. They agreed to send a fresh batch straight away. And they did! A few days later, a box arrived with the pods in two smaller bags rather than one large one and I think this worked better. From the moment we opened the styrofoam, we could see them all swimming around in the bag and ready to get comfortable in their new home. Our favorite thing about this place aside from the compassionate customer service and the prices are the little screens they ship the pods on. The other site that we got our pods from was putting them in cotton sponges which were a pain. So this place is truly a godsend. Thank you so much to Fabian and everyone who was involved in making all of our purchases good ones. You're a shining light in a dark time. :)