Super Cyano Snails

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Clean up Crew snails available. All varieties of snails for sale to maintain a healthy reef aquarium tank.

We have put together the best combination of snails to cover all the different types of cleaning necessary to provide a better method of keeping healthy live rock and substrate and the good bacterial growth in your saltwater aquarium and refugium.



Astrea                                   12 cnt.

Glowing Marginella                 12 cnt.

Cerith Large    1"                   25 cnt.

Baby Cerith                         300 cnt.

Amphipods                          1200 cnt.

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This clean up crew combination is tailored to cover all the areas that need addressing as far as cleaning the saltwater aquarium of unwanted algae growth. Will keep your gravel sand bed, live rock, and glass clean. Allowing the good beneficial coraline algae to thrive in your marine tank.