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Aquacultured saltwater feeder shrimp source. Buy Feeder Shrimp for sale and get the best most nutritious live fish food for your saltwater aquarium.


Also called Grass Shrimp, Glass Shrimp, Feeder Shrimp, Ghost Shrimp.



Benefits of Aqua - Cultured Saltwater Feeder shrimp species Palaemonetes Pugio.



Important please read before purchasing feeder shrimp.


Shrimp can arrive with the water quite turbid, this is no cause for alarm. There can also be shrimp molts in the bag which look like dead shrimp bodies.

We pack 25% more shrimp than the quantity ordered to compensate for the few doa's.


Acclimating your feeder shrimp when you receive the package:


Three important points in regards to handling the saltwater feeder shrimp.


1. Avoid temperature shock.

Float bag to equalize water temp to aquarium.


2. Avoid oxygen starvation.

Feeder shrimp can oxygen starve in a short period of time.

Keep in ship bag closed with pure oxygen until temp acclimation is finished.


3. Shipping water has high concentrations of ammonia build up.

Remove shrimp from dirty shipping water by pouring through a net and discarding all of the shipping water.

Feeder shrimp have high metabolism and produce high amounts of ammonia in transit in the shipping bag.


Avoid temperature shock by acclimating the bag by floating the bag in aquarium or holding tank.



Just make sure you keep the bag closed because it is filled with pure oxygen while floating it to acclimate/ equalize the temp for no more than 20 minutes.
Alternatively you can open the bag and place a strong air stone in the bag while acclimating.
Feeder shrimp are very hardy in most respects, but one of their issues is they consume a lot of oxygen.
Then rinse the saltwater feeder shrimp thoroughly by pouring through a net to totally separate them from the dirty shipping water and then place them in a container with clean water or the holding tank or your display aquarium.
If you take the time to drip or add percentage of water like we do with reef fish to the dirty ammonia filled water in the shipping bag your risking damaging the feeder shrimp beyond recovery.


Feeder shrimp are naturally dirty and produce a lot of ammonia.
Saltwater feeder shrimp are very hardy but we recommend to place them in clean water as soon as possible when received.


Prepare a container with clean saltwater if your not introducing them to an established tank right away.


Pour shrimp through a net to remove them from the turbid water.


Then place all the contents of the net in the clean water. Discard any dead shrimps.


At this point you, can count the live shrimp if you feel that it's not the quantity you ordered.


Please follow this procedure before contacting us for doa claims.


If this takes a little longer than the 2 hours after delivery, don't worry about it just email us if you have concerns at that point.



For smaller quantities of feeder shrimp go to the live saltwater fish food category where we have smaller quantities in combos with free express shipping.



Feeder shrimp are a very interesting animal to keep and observe in the reef tank aquarium.


Our Aquacultured strain of Saltwater Feeder Shrimp or grass shrimp is very hardy because it's used to living and breeding in captivity.


Inquire for wholesale Feeder shrimp or wholesale Grass shrimp bulk quantity discounts. Send zip code and quantity for fast quote.


Unlike the freshwater variety sometimes called ghost shrimp or grass shrimp which are sold as food for saltwater fish, our Feeder Shrimp will readily spawn and reproduce offspring in the home reef tank aquarium because our strain is originally from marine ocean habitat and used to living and thriving in captivity.


Saltwater Grass shrimp or Feeder Shrimp are one of the best organisms to introduce to your tank as live fish Food.

Feeder shrimp are reef safe and have a peaceful nature.


Feeder shrimp are the best live food to feed Octopus,squid, seahorses, Eels, Cuttlefish, Grouper, Angler Fish and many more.


Saltwater feeder shrimp are a great vacation food when you have to be away from your tank.


Feeder shrimp are an excellent Clean up crew to keep rocks substrate and macro algae clean of unwanted coating slime algae.



Saltwater Feeder Shrimp Aquacultured in USA Palaemonetes Pugio 


Due to high demands on some weeks, these shrimp cultures can sometimes take a week to ship from the day you place your order.

This rarely happens but if this is the case, we will notify you or you can email and ask us at

We will try our best to accommodate your immediate shipping requirements.

Feeder shrimp shipped on Mon,Tues,Wed.


Our Feeder shrimp are cultured at normal sea water Salinity. 1.022- 1.025. Acclimation is easy. Just acclimate like regular fish and corals. Rusalty feeder shrimp live and thrive in tropical marine saltwater reef tanks.

These are Marine Saltwater live feeder Shrimp. Excellent source of live aquarium food for protein, vitamins, and enzymes for Seahorses, and most other animals in our saltwater Coral Reef Tanks.

No amount of frozen or non live food can replace the nutritional value of live feeder shrimp fed to our aquarium animals.

Great vacation food. When you need to be away from your tank, say for vacation or work related travel, add  some of these feeder shrimp and some live Copepods to your tank before you leave. You may not  be able to have someone feeding your tank while away. These will not only feed your inhabitants on a daily basis but also work as a cleaner crew eating the algae off  the glass and rocks and food scraps and fish waste.

Feeder shrimp Size ¼”- ¾” Store the extra shrimp in your refugium sump area for use as a holding tank for later feedings.

Place some feeder shrimp in your refugium for cleaning and for storage for when you want to give your fish a treat.

Saltwater feeder glass shrimp also perform the task of a clean up Cleaner crew eating unwanted nuisance algae.

Grown in ocean salinity.

High nutritional value. Live prey item.

Saltwater feeder shrimp or ghost shrimp readily spawn in the reef tank. They will produce baby free swimming larvae stages which will flow around in the current like zooplankton and provide food for your fish and corals in the marine reef tank. 

Having Saltwater grass shrimp in your reef tank has many benefits like reproducing baby shrimp to feed other animals with small mouths like Mandarin gobbies, small seahorses like dwarf seahorses and many others.

We are excited to finally have our aquacultured saltwater feeder shrimp available in large enough quantities to feed to our livestock. We are also offering them to the public for many uses in the home aquariums and  for fish breeding programs.

Also use these as a treat for your aquarium fish when they get bored with their daily non - live food.

Feeder Shrimp and Amphipods combos are great for inducing spawning in pairs of clownfish, Seahorses, etc..

Excellent feed for Seahorses, frog fish, angler fish, groupers, jaw fish, Cephalopods, Octopus, Cuttlefish, Eels and more.  Any fish that eats meat can’t resist a live grass feeder shrimp meal.


The unique thing about saltwater grass shrimp is that they don't have a large carbon foot print, they have other attributes besides being prey for larger animals.


They are a cleaner shrimp in the sense that they spend their day and more at night cleaning left over detritus and scraping algae from rocks and crevices.
So they have more benefits to your tank than just live fish food.
Feeder shrimp or Saltwater grass shrimp make the best live food for octopus and live food for cuttlefish food. 
Get some live macro algae full saltwater plant to provide a home for your grass shrimp and feeder shrimp.
When you buy saltwater eels you need a place to get live prey item or live food to feed the eel.
You can find many sites that sell eels such as ribbon eel,moray eel, snowflake eel, but most likely they wont be able to supply you with the necessary live food to sustain a healthy eel in captivity for long.
if this is the case you have come to the right website, we have all the constant supply of aquacultured pathogen free live food for your pet eel.
You will find the amazing angler fish for sale online and all the different types of Angler fish.
Then you need an aquaculture facility that can supply you with the necessary live fish food for your Angler fish pet.
We have a constant supply of marine saltwater aquaculture feed organism cultures available and ready to ship to your door.
Buy all your food for your saltwater predators and food for your fish only tank or predator aquarium in one convenient place.
Get all your live food cultures in one place direct from the growers.
Best way to feed live food to your Angler fish and Frog Fish is to load the live feeder shrimp with extremely nutritious food before feeding to your captive kept fish.
This is the way that predatory fish like Angler fish and seahorses get the necessary nutrients for lead healthy lives in the wild earths oceans.



Many times, fish that are collected in the wild go through a lot of rough handling, and are kept housed for extended periods of time before we get them at the local aquarium store. So due to stress and many days of disorientation, they can lose their appetites. This usually leads to their early demise.

If you have a feeding problem with a wild caught fish specimen try feeding some of these saltwater feeder shrimp or saltwater grass shrimp to try to kick start its instinct for feeding again. Then, with time, you can slowly teach/acclimate it to eat frozen, liquid, or dry foods.

Question:  I just purchased a new fish, a puffer fish and it won't eat anything I offer it. I'm trying your live Saltwater feeder shrimp as a last resort to try to get it to eat.

What do you think I should try if the live feeders don't work to get the puffer to eat?

It's unusual for a puffer not to eat. it's hard for me to tell what to do since I'm not observing the actual fish.

If a fish is too far pat the point of starvation it may never have the instinct again to start eating and it will slowly starve no matter what you feed it.

If you cant get it to eat live prey it might have been starved by the keepers before you got it. From the time it got caught and went through different hands/ middlemen then you got it.


All of our live stock is either cultured in our nursery by us or we are the wild harvester collector and we have the facilities and the resources to keep the organisms healthy and stress free before you receive it. So we cut down the days spent from ocean to your tank and the stress of low quality housing in the interim.
Temp Acclimate the feeder shrimp and mysis shrimp, and then release all into aquarium? Or
Best option for feeder shrimp is to temp acclimate and then make sure you pour the entire contents through a fish net and discard dirty water first.
Then you can place in aquarium immediately. 
Alternatively place in a bucket with new clean water and as much bubbles for oxygen as possible.
No heater necessary, just lots of oxygen.
Feeder shrimp are very dirty shrimp and need lots of oxygen.
Both Mysid and Feeder shrimp are considered very hardy organisms and they can take a lot of abuse. They just have high metabolic rate and will foul a small volume of water like in a shipping bag pretty quick during transit.
Not uncommon to receive the shrimp healthy but with the ship bag water very cloudy and full of ammonia. Common mistake is to not discard ship water asap when receiving and acclimating. 
The sooner you perform the "pouring through a net and discarding dirty shipping water" procedure the better. Specially if you take into account that the warmer the shrimp get the more they metabolize and start fouling the water with ammonia. 




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Live ghost shrimp
Written by Jennifer Axsmith on 17th Feb 2024

Excellent amount of live arrivals and once I transferred them into their feeder tank, I haven’t had a single die, aside from the ones fed to my fish! Will be a lifetime customer for sure.

Written by Patrick on 11th Jan 2024

All items arrived alive and is stocked in my tank now. Excellent Soup.

Saltwater Feeder Shrimp
Written by Amy P. on 18th Jun 2023

A great supplier for live feeding my Predators with a good quality shrimp.

Saltwater Feeder Shrimp
Written by Amy P. on 30th May 2023

99.9% Live arrival of the meal my fish love the most

Feeder Shrimp Bulk
Written by Amy P. on 26th Mar 2023

My Predators could eat as many as arrive, they absolutely love them.

Salt Water Feeder Shrimp
Written by James on 9th Mar 2023

They arrived (the feeder shrimp) in great condition using overnight delivery. For my next order, I might check the survival rate of shipping with USPS.

Very healthy shrimp!
Written by Ashley Allison on 27th Feb 2023

Super nasty water (as clearly laid out in the product description) but extremely healthy and active shrimp. After following acclimation instructions, there were only a few DOA and many of them were full of eggs. Excellent product!

Saltwater Feeder Shrimp
Written by Amy P. on 28th Jan 2023

I've got 3 tanks where the inhabitants are thrilled to not have me wiggle frozen food in their face and instead get gut-loaded shrimp feeding on vitamins and good food daily.

Saltwater Feeder Shrimp
Written by Amy P. on 26th Jan 2023

Not a fish in my house doesn't love these shrimp and to feed live is worth any price, but I get a great deal here.

Saltwater Feeder Shrimp
Written by Amy P. on 26th Jan 2023

My fish love these feeder shrimp and I love the ease to purchase and knowing my fish are eating healthy

Saltwater Feeder Shrimp
Written by Amy P. on 25th Jan 2023

Two orders a week now because they are phenomenal for my fish

Saltwater Feeder Shrimp
Written by Amy P. on 25th Jan 2023

I'm up to 2 orders a week because my fish love these feeder shrimp!

Saltwater Feeder Shrimp
Written by Amy P. on 7th Jan 2023

I will NEVER buy from another source, nobody can match the quality and great delivery service you provide. You are singlehandedly keeping many of my fish alive with these awesome shrimp.

Glass shrimp
Written by Benjamin Adams on 7th Jan 2023

I've never seen these shrimp before and I thought it would be fun to order some to be used as detritus cleaners To my surprise, the order arrived with very few casualties and the inner bag had a slight leak. Besides that, the order came in flawless. Will definitely be ordering more from RUSALTY in the near future. thanks!

Saltwater Feeder Shrimp
Written by Amy P. on 15th Dec 2022

I order these every week to feed my fish, and they are always fresh, lively shrimp. Never an issue with the quality or quantity and worth every penny.

Saltwater Feeder Shrimp
Written by Amy P. on 8th Dec 2022

What more can I say besides I order these shrimp every week and my fish absolutely love them...

Saltwater Feeder Shrimp
Written by Amy P. on 1st Dec 2022

I buy them every week because they are quality shrimp keeping my fish happy and healthy.

Saltwater Feeder Shrimp
Written by Amy P on 27th Oct 2022

Excellent service and the perfect food for my fish!

Saltwater Feeder Shrimp
Written by Amy on 16th Oct 2022

Worth every penny to feed my babies the best live food while controlling their diet and vitamin intake. My fish just love these shrimp, and it keeps them busy chasing them around.

Saltwater Feeder Shrimp
Written by Amy on 13th Oct 2022

No DOA's and a healthy looking bag of shrimp. I'm keeping shrimp as food for my predator tank and they just love them... much better than Ghost Shrimp

Feeder shrimp
Written by David on 15th Jul 2022

My fish loved them!! Will buy again

Super quick shipping and healthy looking shrimp
Written by Jessica on 14th Jul 2022

I was not expecting shipping to be so quick, but very happy it was! Shrimp are as described and packed well. I just got a cockatoo scorpionfish and not sure how fast he'll eat them, but it's good to know where to get them from!

Feeder Shrimp
Written by Miguel E Otero on 29th May 2022

Prompt and safe delivery, thumbs up!

Marine feeder shrimp
Written by Kristy Joseph on 26th May 2022

Extremely accommodating as I was leaving town and needed feeders before I left. A++ for customer service

Excellent Products
Written by Kenneth Torres on 15th May 2022

The feeder shrimp arrived on time and alive. Good quality of products.

Written by Louis Ross on 24th Feb 2022

Good product made even better when they moved from Fed-Ex to UPS for next day delivery. Loss is now at a minimum !!!

Ghost feeder shrimp
Written by Brian Rossman on 11th Feb 2022

Awesome product, awesome company. My marine betta is fat and happy thanks to them. I highly recommend this place.

My second order
Written by Brian Ashley Millikan on 10th Feb 2022

Have had two orders so far. The fish love them.

Written by Darwin on 22nd Sep 2021


feeder shrimp
Written by steven on 15th Sep 2021

arrived alive

Live feeder shrimp
Written by Steven on 8th Sep 2021

Arrived alive & energetic

Written by Chance on 2nd Sep 2021

Received a quality product that was packaged wonderfully and full of live shrimp!

As described, Fast shipping
Written by Mark on 14th Aug 2021

Perfect, fast shipping, packed well, acclimated to my tank with no issues. Thank you

Healthy Shrimples
Written by Steve Beare on 29th Jul 2021

Safely packed and a lively bunch. Sad to use them as feeders, but an Octopus gotta eat!

Written by Richard on 15th Jul 2021

Good sized shrimp with looks of egg carrying shrimp.

Feeder shrimp
Written by Jethro Galloway on 28th May 2021

All alive minus 1, great place to buy from, great care goes into packaging for temp and safety until arrival Thank you!

Ghost Shrimp
Written by Kaye Woodward on 21st May 2021

They are very lively, of a good size, I have bought these before and will again

Saltwater feeder shrimp
Written by Deanna Scofield on 16th Apr 2021

All came in alive! Thank you!

Perfect Delivery, Quality Product!
Written by Jamison Davis on 26th Jan 2021

I ordered the saltwater feeder shrimp and within 24 hours got my shipping confirmation and it was delivered the next day as promised. I recently purchased two wild-caught marbled catshark pups and needed an additional food source to ensure they were eating. Since I added the shrimp I have watched them decrease in count meaning the sharks are eating them. I have also been feeding frozen squid, scallops, and crab which they are also eating. Thank you RUSALTY for your fast response and great pricing. I will for sure order from you again!

Written by Danny Sims on 14th Jan 2021

My fish loved them!

Feeder shrimp review
Written by Richard Miller on 11th Dec 2020

Excellent service & product. FedEx shipping sucks. Package arrived late, rode around on delivery truck all day, but that's no fault of of the seller.

Bought a long time ago and...
Written by Bobby on 2nd Nov 2020

Loved it. Some are still alive. Bought about 2 years ago. Majority died over time due to my fault but some are still alive. Of the 100 i got, about 90% survived which in my book is pretty dang good

Feeder Shrimp
Written by Barb on 8th Sep 2020

Arrived a day late due to a FedEx delay, but everyone landed safely! Will buy more as needed.

400 Feeder Shrimp
Written by William P Pantos on 30th Aug 2020

I either get 200 or 400 of these every month. Probably better to get 400. If you can pick these up early in the day they will all be alive and good to go. My last shipment only had 3 casualties out of 400. They are true saltwater shrimp.

Feeder Shrimp
Written by Kaye Woodward on 27th Aug 2020

Very hardy....they had a bit of an accident, I spilled them on the carpet oops, they all survived and are swimming about...I have seen egg sacks on the jumbo ferns

Written by Gary Berna on 23rd Aug 2020

Shrimp arrived healthy, no DOAs. Will be ordering more in future!

Saltwater Feeder Shrimp
Written by Wilfredo Robles on 16th Jul 2020

another quality product they arrived alive and all are doing well, my seahorses got a treat and the rest are doing well in my sump. thank you once again.

spectacular survival rate
Written by Dave Bente on 10th Jul 2020

96% survival rate for hundreds of shrimp is very impressive and has earned my repeat business

90% live arrival
Written by Frank McNally on 19th May 2020

Shrimp arrived in excellent condition. Only 4 dead in an order of 50 but I am sure there were alot of extras. A variety of sizes were included including a number of adult females carrying eggs.

Arrived in good condition
Written by William Pantos on 8th May 2020

I get these all the time and in warm weather you should get overnight delivery if you get 400 of these because the water gets a little edgy quickly.

Feeder Shrimp
Written by Major Robert Simmons on 28th Apr 2020

Most arrived alive. Very few dead carcasses. I’ll buy more when the time is right. I have three saltwater aquariums (100, 120, and 220). The fish loved them.

Saltwater feeder shrimp
Written by Kenneth Goldsmith on 15th Feb 2020

As usual, the feeder shrimp are great. The anthias pick off the smaller ones within 48 hours. The larger ones produce eggs which feed other smaller fish as well as invertebrates. Also, as scavengers, they help clean things up

Saltwater feeder shrimp
Written by Ken Goldsmith on 17th Jan 2020

Perfect size. Should grow and breed in the tank to provide a good number of instars for the other inverts and fish. Clownfish catch the smaller ones and bring them to the ritteri anemone.

Great feeder shrimp
Written by Jon on 9th Mar 2019

Ordered these shrimp for my dwarf lionfish and they were just what I was looking for. They arrived quickly, alive, and my lionfish loved it. Thanks!

Snowflake eel, Valintini puffer and Lionfish happy with purchase.
Written by Dave on 8th Mar 2019

ordered 100,a ll but a couple arrived alive (during Winter in Northern Maine), the dead ones were the 1st into the predator tank and the fish didn't mind. ordering another 200 now.

Saltwater Grass Shrimp
Written by undefined on 15th Mar 2016

Very satisfied with the product. The seven I received were very health and active and survived at least a week in the tank I put them in. I have not seen them for a few days, but they could be lost in the macro-algae in the tank. A little bit pricey at $2.00 a piece, but excellent quality.