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Buy Candy Cane Live Coral Colony. Captive grown corals.


When you buy captive raised live coral colony you get a very hardy, fast growing, adaptable strain that will adapt to almost any condition in your reef tank aquarium.


This collection of coral colonies are the result of years of development in stress environment adaptation.

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These Live coral colonies  are handpicked and cultured at Aquaculture Nursery Farms for over 10 years. We have tested and developed these coral strains in any and all kinds of growing conditions.



All different types and intensities of lighting.

Fluctuating extremes of water temperatures.

Poor water quality.

Different degrees of water flow. 



Highly adaptive coral strains.

Will adapt to almost any existing conditions in your reef tank aquarium.

You don't have to baby our captive raised coral colonies.

Extremely fast growing.

Beautiful coloration.

Disease resistant.