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Pipefish for sale. Pipefish live well with seahorses, dwarf seahorses and other slow moving peaceful aquarium inhabitants.


Pipefish are slow moving by nature and will spend their day laying on macro algae and other saltwater plants waiting for some live food in the form of Amhpipods, or small shrimp to come by.


Pipefish are docile and non aggressive towards other tank mates and are very interesting to observe in the home reef tank aquarium.


Try to provide a habitat as close to the wild habitat that pipefish are used to living in.


The environment that you house your pipefish in is as important as providing the proper nutrition which includes live food items such as Amphipods, Mysid or Mysis, Grass shrimp and Copepods.


Considering the peaceful non aggressive  gentle nature of the pipefish is is important to provide it with live macro algae or saltwater plants so it can cling to and camouflage itself so it will feel safe and non threatened. 


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Written by Pat on 4th Aug 2022

Love these pipefish,always wish that I had gotten more when they come in

Written by pat p on 26th Jan 2022

these guys are fun to watch.ive bought at least 12 and am looking to get more for all my tanks.just love em