Brine Shrimp Hatcheries

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Reasons to buy brine shrimp hatchery. Best cone shape to get the highest brine shrimp egg hatch rate.

Shop Brine shrimp Hatcheries of all sizes to fit your needs.

Get the best brine shrimp Hatchery that comes with stand drain valve and air tube.

Laboratory grade aquaculture hatchery, plexiglass hatchery, acrylic hatchery and artemia hatching cones all available at ANF for sale.

Hatchery has many uses including: Culturing Copepods, Rotifers, Brine shrimp, Micro algae, Phytoplankton, Fish Egg Tumbler.

This egg tumbler/Hatchery is the ideal shape for hatching the most eggs in the least amount of water. The cone shaped sides prevent the eggs from sticking and having dead spots in water circulation. Because of its shape, it works just as good for small amounts of eggs with little water as when full..

If you have a need for hatching brine shrimp eggs, this is the most practical tool for hatching and harvesting Baby Brine Shrimp.  All you need is an air pump.

Benefits of our ANF aquaculture hatcheries:

1.     No more frustration trying to harvest the baby shrimp from the top of the container.

2.     Better water circulation due to the shape of the hatchery.  This enables you to get higher hatch percentage yields per portion of eggs

3.     Crystal clear sides allow you to see what is happening inside the hatchery for observation and ease of harvesting

4.     Comes with instructions and tips for use.

5. Removable Valve drain for easy cleaning and disinfecting.

Additionally, great for culturing zooplankton like copepods, rotifers.  Tumbling fish eggs.

 Made with 1/4" Plexiglas.

Stand, Rigid Airline, Drain valve and tube included on all larger models. 2 Liter models do not have a drain valve on the bottom.

Over all dimensions:


2 Lt.       5"W X 18"H

5 Lt.       8"WX 18"H

7.9 Lt.    6"W X 30" H

8 Lt.       8"W X 24" H

5 Gal.     12"W X 24' H

10 Gal.    15W X 30" H