Spotted Starfish

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Spotted Starfish or Caribbean live Sea stars for sale.

This starfish has beautiful coloration with orange feet and orange to white spots.

These come in the size in the pics with the hand, about 1-2 inches in length.

Excellent starfish for adding to your clean up crew.

Spends it's day scraping and eating nuisance algae and diatoms from the sand bed and rocks in the saltwater aquarium.

Unique animal to observe and very hardy, easy to keep in captivity in the reef tank aquarium.



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Spotted starfish
Written by Melissa on 16th Jun 2023

Arrived alive and seems to be healthy. It’s a cute little guy, he is about an 1 1/2”. Don’t think he’ll be much help as part of the CUC but he sure is neat to watch move around.

Best Deal for Live Starfish
Written by Peter on 1st Jun 2023

I order six of these monthly for my Harlequin Shrimp. They are small which is good - he gets fresh food when he needs it and they are really cool in the tank until it's "their time".