Dragon Nudi 2"- 4"

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Dragon Nudibranch Lettuce Nudibranch Jumbo Extra large specimen or Sea Slug for Sale eats nuisance algae helping to keep live rock and aquarium substrate free of coating type algae.



Nudibranchs make the best clean up crew, which is a natural way of maintaining healthy live rock and aquarium glass.


Size: 2"- 4". Picture with quarter is showing it to be over 2 inches in size which is not even half of the size it can open up to be, when it wants to.


It just wouldn't cooperate this time while I was playing with it trying to get it to open up fully for me.


Size is as in the pics with a quarter. Difficult to measure exactly because lettuce Nudibranch constantly change shape and length.


Get this Sea Slug Dragon Nudibranch and watch it slug around in your tank cleaning nuisance algae off rocks.


Dragon Nudibranch's are colorful enough and can strike the most unusual poses that you'll never get tired of seeing it cruise around your reef tank looking like a moving coral.


Lettuce Nudis or Lettuce sea slugs are an essential organism to establish a balance in the ecosystem of the coral aquarium and saltwater fish tanks alike.


Lettuce Nudiranch are also known as lettuce nudibranch or Green lettuce nudibranch.

The Lettuce sea slug has the ability to incorporate the cells from the algae it consumes into its own tissues which it uses for photosynthesis which provides sugars and other nutrients to supplement it’s diet.

Lettuce Nudibrach will eat more hair algae and other coating algae than blue leg hermit crabs and hard shelled snails.