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Introducing the Flame Scallop also known as Red File Shell Clam for sale.

Buy these interesting Flame Scallops and watch them swim around in your saltwater aquarium until they find a place to call home and then they have the ability to attach themselves with filaments that are strong like steel or fishing line to the rockwork and crevices of the reef tank.


Excellent addition to the reef tank aquarium, non aggressive type of bivalve mollusk, does not bother corals or other tank inhabitants.


Comes in assorted sizes from 1"-3"+ like the pics show.


Red Flame Scallop, Scientific name Lima Scabra has a red body with white or red tentacles.



Flame scallops are filter feeders which feed on Micro algae or phytoplankton like our PhytoPreme Live and also live copepods like our 5 types live saltwater pods.


Flame scallops spend their day looking gorgeous and waving their tentacles in the water current ingesting plankton from the water column which we call filter feeding.


Buy Flame Scallops and treat yourself to a wonderous sea creature to observe in nature and you will be amazed at another example of the biodiversity on our great planet of oceans. 


Product Reviews

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Written by Bryan on 27th Jan 2023

A great addition to my take came it perfectly healthy and perfect could not ask for a better experience

Flame Scallop
Written by Amy P. on 8th Dec 2022

Gorgeous Scallops of a decent size, all healthy and happy in my tank. A great purchase here because I've gotten some bad deals from other stores.

Flame Scallop
Written by Amy P. on 1st Dec 2022

Excellent quality, never disappointed in anything I've ordered but i received a healthy and happy Scallop

Flame Scallops
Written by James A Trubilla on 1st Mar 2021

Crazy Cool! I bought these as extra water purifiers and glad that I did. They move around and will gather on live rock and just do their thing. Fun to watch.