Midnight Black Sea Urchin

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Black Sea Urchins, babies for reef tank and saltwater aquariums.


Buy black sea urchins and you get a beautiful animal that eats copious amounts of nuisance algae like hair algae and cyano bacteria that can plague a saltwater aquarium.


These are babies so they are reef tank friendly and they should not bother rock work and other tank mates.


Black sea urchins are more rare than other color urchins. Sea Urchins occupy their own important roll in the reef ecosystem.


Black sea urchins spend their day scavenging the reef rocks and aquarium glass for coating algae to scrape and consume.


Get baby black sea urchins, they are fish friendly and coral safe.


Product Reviews

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Midnight Black Sea Urchin
Written by sherri Wallman on 17th Apr 2021

The arrived live and healthy. A great addition to my tanks !

Amazing urchin
Written by JZ on 6th Apr 2021

This little guy arrived safely and went straight to work. He’s fascinating to watch. He “walked” all around the sand substrate and then climbed up and down and wall, all over the rocks, etc. he’s enjoyable and quite busy. We love him.

Written by marc on 19th Mar 2021

Ordered various sea urchins- came promptly after my order.. Urchins came well packed and healthy.