Hatching Decapsulated Brine Shrimp Eggs

Height 3.00 (in)
Width 3.00 (in)
Depth 6.50 (in)
Sizes Required

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Buy Decapsulated Brine Shrimp eggs, or shell free hatching shrimp eggs. Get Artemia Eggs with free shipping ready to hatch.

Decapsulated eggs for sale are the go to brine shrimp eggs for nurseries and hobbyist alike.


See Decapsulated Brine Shrimp Info for more information about our shell free eggs for sale.
Great salt lake strain. These are 95% hatch rate or better. We use Decap'd eggs in our own nurseries. 

Our decap'd brine shrimp eggs make it easy for you to grow your own live fish food and coral food, to feed animals such as dwarf seahorses, baby seahorses, anemone, mandarin fish, jellyfish and many more aquarium reef tank animals.

Eight liquid ounces is equivalent to 100, 1 teaspoon.

Our large bargain bottle now has the equivalent of 4 - 8oz bottles or quadruple the amount + you get Free Shipping.

You can use the cap on the bottle to measure. 1 cap is equal to one teaspoon. Keep refrigerated to last 6 months. 18 to 24 hours to hatch.
No more fussing with removing unwanted shells when hatching brine shrimp eggs. Decapsulated brine shrimp eggs are Artemia cysts that the shell or capsule has been removed.

What is left is just the brine shrimp embryo, ready to hatch. They will hatch a little smaller because they don't have to grow and struggle to escape their hard shell. As a result, hatching decap'd brine shrimp gives you a baby shrimp, with all or most of its egg yolk intact upon hatching, so you get a more nutritious food item for your fish.

Our Shell free eggs or decapsulated brine shrimp eggs do not float. They are not buoyant like regular eggs. Since they are decap'd they no longer have the natural buoyancy of the shell.

money back guarantee.

Product Reviews

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Hatching Decapsulated Brine Shrimp Eggs
Written by Tonnica S on 11th Feb 2021


Great Hatch Rate!
Written by Douglas Grey on 22nd Aug 2020

I've ordered this quite a few times in the past 2 years. Great hatch rate!

Written by William Pantos on 8th May 2020

I hatched brine shrimp along time ago but it was just a few at a time and in a little closed container. This bottle must have a hundred thousand eggs in it and I am going to put some in the tank to see what happens.

Brine shrimp eggs
Written by Jessica Frazer on 5th Feb 2019

Love these eggs! That's why I keep buying them! New quadruple portion great value.

Solid, trouble free fry feed
Written by Brian M on 17th Jan 2019

My work requires me to feed a lot of small fry efficiently, and it's hard to beat the bang for your buck of decapsulated brine shrimp! I've decapsulated my own brine shrimp cysts before, and while that may produce cheaper results, but again, the time savings that pre-decapsulated cysts offer is hard to argue with! As far as the quality of this particular product goes, these eggs are as good as any decapsulated brine shrimp I've tried, including doing it myself, so I say A+!

Hatching brine shrimp eggs
Written by Jessica Frazer on 10th Apr 2018

So convenient, no mess of decapping myself. High hatch rate. Last for months in the fridge. Great product, worth every penny!

Brine decap shrimp
Written by Debbie P on 21st Feb 2018

This was as it says! Haven’t been able to get a lot of hatched brine until this purchase. Love it!!!!

Works as advertised
Written by Greg on 9th Nov 2016

I got tired of decapsulating myself and thought I would give this a try. For me the hatch time was similar to most but I don't heat my water. I presume it would be faster if my water was a little warmer. The hatch rate was a lot better than my home decapsulated shrimp. I was very impressed with that.

hatching decapsulated BBS
Written by Angie Jones on 2nd Aug 2016

I received the 4 oz. bottle of decapsulated BBS that I ordered in about a week. It took a little longer to get than I was expecting, but perhaps they don't ship at a weekend. Not a biggie although it would be nice if that was stated when ordering. The shrimp seem to have a decent hatch rate although I wish there was a recommended suggestion as to the recipe of salt and suspended eggs to use per liter of water. I don't have a salinity measure as I am feeding koi fry, not a salt water system and I assume it would be a different amount of salt than with dry eggs since the eggs are suspended in a liquid solution. No mention of adjusting the pH on the instructions but I added baking soda. Overall this is a good product, much easier than decapsulating yourself and I will purchase again next year if I keep a spawn.

First time and WOW!
Written by Sherrie Jo on 12th May 2016

I had been decapsulating myself and got tired of it .. I am a first time breeder and have over 500 babies that are now 3 to 6 weeks old. Super fast shipping and mine our hatching at 10 hours in a 3 liter bottle. Ordering again because I know I can trust the brine shrimp to grow out the babies:)

Top Quality Product
Written by Michael on 5th Dec 2015

Product was even nicer than the posted picture - very Happy!

A product you can trust
Written by John DeFranco on 28th Nov 2015

I was thrilled with the quality, pricing, and delivery of this product - exceedingly clean with a phenomenal hatching rate at a significantly lower price unlike my previous "direct" source! My first experience with ANF and I look forward to continuing. Keep up the good work! John D.