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 Live phytoplankton for sale to feed and culture copepods. Phytoplankton is also good for feeding corals in the reef tank aquarium.

When you buy our blend of saltwater algae called Phytopreme Live you get the most concentrated live algae anywhere on line.

Phytopreme Live is a  blend of concentrated live phytoplankton 6 types of live phyto algae.

Live Phytoplankton is intended for use as a highly nutritious copepod live food. Culture Copepods to you have a constant source of live copepods to feed your aquarium tank.

You will achieve increased reproduction and growth rates in your live copepod population.

Many other types of reef aquarium animals such as filter feeding organisms like clams, sponges, gargonians,feather dusters, crabs, corals etc.... will benefit from weekly infusions of Phytopreme Live.

Comprised of 6 types of live phytoplankton or Phyto. Tetraselmis, Nannochloropsis, Isochrysis, Pavlova,Thalassiosira  weissflogii, Synechococcus .

Reasons to buy Phytopreme Live algae.

This is a very clean filtered micro algae culture.

Phytoplankton is great for enriching and food for rotifers and brine shrimp for fin fish hatchery breeding,  such as raising clownfish larvae, and seahorse fry.


Our intention with live phytoplankton phytopreme is to provide an affordable solution for feeding live marine phytoplankton algae to zooplankton cultures and reef aquariums. We are able to offer this low cost live algae cells as an alternative to non live strains of micro algae at lower cost.

Intended uses for our live phytoplankton: Feeding directly to Reef tanks, Copepod Cultures, Brine shrimp culture, Rotifer culture, and many more uses. Many marine animals feed on this phytoplankton. Clams, Scallops, Feather dusters, Coco Worms, Corals, Pods, Copepods, Amphipods, Sea fans, Shrimp larvae, Rotifers, Brine shrimp, Any kind of filter feeder, and many more.


Our blend of Live Phyto or phytoplankton is considerably more cost effective than single strain cultures.

Dosing Live Phytoplankton. We recommend to use ½  cup per 50 gallons once per week.

Other benefits live phytoplankton: This algae can be kept alive when refrigerated for up to  6 months if shaken every few days to prevent settling on the bottom of the container.

When you feed this phyto to your tank, you will experience and see excellent results with copepod cultures and corals and filter feeders as well.  

You will see reactions from corals that you might not have seen before if they have never been fed live phytoplankton micro algae, (single celled).

Guaranteed alive arrival.

Product Reviews

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Written by Michael K Pimental on 28th Mar 2024

Great quality. Not all water. My tank loves it!

Written by Michael K Pimental on 8th Mar 2024

My tank loves it. Always fresh and good dark color not all water. Very happy with it.

Written by Michael K Pimental on 2nd Jan 2024

My reef loves it. Always comes great quality.

Written by Carl tolar on 30th Sep 2023

Arrived well packaged and alive

Phytopreme Live
Written by Amy P. on 7th Jan 2023

Packaged so well it survived the extended 2-day delivery and destroyed shipping box that only UPS can be blamed for.

Scallop Food
Written by Stephen B on 6th Jan 2022

This is mt 3ed purchase of Phytopreme. I feed it to my Flame Scallops and my Seafans. It also feeds my pods before my Pipefish eats them.

Coral Food
Written by Steve B on 24th Oct 2021

I am very pleased with this product so far. I am feeding it to all of my corals and gorgonias. I will do a future update after some time goes by. rusalty products are very good.

Written by steven on 3rd Dec 2020

my corals love this & no affect on water quality. I use it in tanks & refugium daily

Written by Tonnica Sasanas on 18th Sep 2020

Fast shipping all came exactly as described everything i have bought and received from this company has been A++ Including the outstanding communication

Best Phyto on the planet
Written by Shawn F on 13th Sep 2020

This Phyto is more dense than any other brand I’ve tried. A great value for the cost

Great zooplankton/reef food
Written by RICHARD P TERRELL on 15th Jun 2020

Phytopremem is a concentrated phytoplankton blend. It keeps well in the fridge for weeks.

Written by Paul Worley on 19th May 2020

Nice green color, time will tell how well it works. Great amount

Best phyto culture I have bough
Written by Tracy Willman on 14th Feb 2020

I am impressed this is the best culture so have bought it is so dense it is like soup. Will definitely be shopping here again

Written by Marie on 24th Dec 2019

DARK Green. A little goes twice as far as the stuff I used to use. At least the tank is darker and stays longer.

I recommend!
Written by Rachel on 14th May 2019

Good quality phytoplankton! Gam in a plastic bottle instead of a bag. I'll definately order the again!

great product
Written by undefined on 31st Oct 2016

received them in a timely fashion. very happy with my order