Snail Pack Clean up Crew 200

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Clean up crew for sale includes:



Astrea or Turbo snail 60 cnt


Cerith Snails Large   20 cnt


Porcelain Crab            8 cnt


Horseshoe Crab         3 cnt


Live Amphipods      2500 cnt



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Amphipods are the best hardiest micro clean up crew animal and are an essential addition to the saltwater aquarium tank.

Amphipods compliment your clean up crew snails and crabs.


Amphipods will set up breeding colonies and reproduce in your tank.


Amphipods are the natural prey animal for fish, seahorses and many other coral reef inhabitants.


Horse shoe crabs are the best sand sifters and substrate cleaners.


Cerith snails eat unwanted algae helping to clean the aquarium rocks and also sift sand.


Astrea snails and Nerite snails are beautiful snails and eat copious amounts of algae.

Porcelain crabs are one of the hardiest crabs to keep and they eat all the nuisance algae in crevices on live rock and off of substrate.