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Copepods and where to get them. 

 Parvo Copepods. Get Parvo Copepods with Free Shipping.

Get your parvo Parvocalanus Crassirostris Copepods for sale at the best prices.


Parvocalanus crassirostris is recognized by top aquaculturists and aquarium breeders as one of the best live foods for the smallest and most difficult of the marine fish larvae due to the small size of the nauplii.

This small pelagic copepod is rich in essential fatty acids and provides good nutrition for developing larval fish. In aquariums, the small size is optimum for capture by the finest filter feeders such as feather dusters and Christmas tree worms, SPS corals and sponges.Tropical marine species. Herbivorous, Eats microalgae, Phytoplankton. Reproduces by scattering eggs.


Size: 40 – 800 microns. Life cycle 12 stages of metamorphoses.


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