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Get Pseudo Copepods. Get the best Mandarin fish food. Pseudo pods are the best live food for Mandarin fish.

Keep Mandarin fish healthy in the reef tank with monthly infusions of live copepods.


Calanoid copepod. Pelagic or free swimming. Spend their time swimming in the water column and harpacticoid likes to also walk around on the bottom  substrate.

Size: 100 microns to 1.5 mm.


 Excellent live fish food source for clownfish, Mandarins, Seahorses, Filter feeding organisms, Coral, to name a few. If you establish a breeding colony in your aquarium you will have a continuous live food supply. High omega fatty acid content, and lipids.


Benefits for the aquarium:

They work in many different capacities in the aquarium.

1.    As Micro cleanup maintenance crews, they break down the next size detritus from snails and hermit crabs.(some of the types of copepods we raise are detrivors as well as herbivorous)

2.    Live food for those animals like seahorses, mandarins, etc that seem to need small live prey to acclimate to our enclosed systems.

3.    Live prey for all kinds of species currently being cultured and new ones yet cracked that need small nutritious live zooplankton in the first stages of their planktonic existence.

4.    Night time feeding of corals that feed on live zooplankton when the lights are off. A large percentage of our captive corals need zooplankton to survive as a supplement diet, besides light.

5.    All kinds of other filter feeders like clams, scallops, feather dusters, sponges, etc will appreciate having these to balance out their diet.

6.    These animals have many different life stages and sizes to add variety to the enclosed ecosystem.

7.    Continuous reproducing source of live food for most aquarium animals.

8.    Can use these to target feed previously hard to keep types of corals like gonoporia.

9.    Zooplankton have important nutritional value needed by many of our captive animals.

 Keep in mind that the conditions in our aquariums all differ from one another so a general guideline is that it can take up to 2 or three doses of these portions during a 3 month period before you get an established breeding population in your tank at home. Or they may just take off from the first dosage and you might see fantastic results in 2-3 weeks. Be patient.

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