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Live Mandarin fish food goes a long way to establishing all the missing links in the modern reef tank aquarium.

This live food for Mandarin fish combo has all the necessary zooplankton and micro fauna to establish and keep a healthy well balanced ecosystem for your saltwater fish and inverts.

We have saltwater pods, Reef Pods,Aquarium Pods and many more.


Maintains a healthy immune system in captive kept Mandarin fish and invertebrates and pets.


Boost the immune system of your Mandarin fish and corals with regular monthly infusions of live fish food diet, you will notice less outbreaks of diseases that affect fish and corals like Ick, external parasites, internal digestive disorders etc...



Live Aquarium Food combo includes.

Saltwater Ghost feeder shrimp  100 cnt

Live Saltwater Amphipods          3000 cnt

Tisbe Copepods                           Gallon ( 60,000 Pods)

Chaeto                                         1 bunch

Phytopreme Live                          1 Quart

Each organism packed in it's own container.