Reef Combo 200

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Reef Combo includes: Peppermint Shrimp 8. Amphipods 200. Nerite snails 10. Nassarius snails 20. Cerith snails 40. Astrea snails 10.


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Peppermint shrimp are a natural cleaner shrimp and will set up cleaning stations in your reef tank and your fish will allow them to clean their scales.


Peppermint shrimp will also supplement their diet by consuming uneaten left over fish food from rocks crevices and substrate sand.


Amphipods are the best hardiest micro animal and are an essential addition to the saltwater aquarium tank.


Amphipods will set up breeding colonies and reproduce in your tank.

Amphipods are the natural prey animal for fish, seahorses and many other coral reef inhabitants.


Nassarius snails eat left over food helping the aquarium bacteria break down cycle. Nassarius also are an excellent sand sifter snail.


Cerith snails eat unwanted algae helping to clean the aquarium rocks and also sift sand.


Astra snails and Nerite snails are beautiful snails and eat copious amounts of algae.