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Chaeto for sale. Best place to buy clean Chaeto or buy Chaetomorpha with Free Shipping.

Find the best Prices for Chaeto macro algae and maintain water quality for your fish and corals.

Get Chaeto to set up and start your chaeto reactor with our super clean macro algae.

Saltwater Plants and Marine plants are beneficial for maintaining water quality in the reef tank saltwater aquarium.

Reasons to buy chaeto, chaetomorpha algae for nutrient export.


Click on small pictures to see list of large pics and you can see the exact size of each portion of chaeto macro your buying.

Chaetomorpha also known as chaeto macro algae.

Chaeto is one of the best ways to help maintain water quality in the saltwater coral reef aquarium. Fish waste and left over uneaten food produce nutrients that lead to poor water quality.

Chaeto acro algae grows by absorbing and processing these nutrients. Grow macro algae in your saltwater aquarium tank to reduce the accumulation of phosphates, nitrites, nitrates which are toxic to the corals, fish and invertebrates. 

You can place Chaeto just about anywhere. Main tank or refugium.

Give your Chaeto some light. Chaeto does not have roots.

Chaeto just floats around like in the ocean, looking like a large Brillo pad. If you place it near a rock, it can grow its tendrils and entangle itself and remain anchored to the rock.

Chaeto can be grown floating or attached to an object in your saltwater marine aquarium.

Saltwater macro algae like chaetomorpha is great for Seahorse systems and fish like mandarins.  Seahorses will cling to and graze on all the many copepods micro crustaceans living in the algae.  

Mandarins  also constantly look for Chaeto algae to find and consume Copepods and Amphipods. 

Most coral reef fish graze on zooplankton that lives in sChaeto macro algae on the worlds reefs and estuaries.

guaranteed alive arrival.

Product Reviews

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Written by Mark on 14th May 2020

Very robust, thick, dark green . No visible pests

Written by Darrell Stone on 7th May 2020

Arrived quickly (a day early), clean and looking healthy.. would order again.

Finally Arrived
Written by Dennis Sharpe on 6th May 2020

My Chaeto looked clean and very healthy. I won't get chaeto from fellow reefers in fear it has Aptasia, bristlewrms etc. This was clean and healthyI guess I am happy. I will post an update within a month.

Written by C Hill on 28th Apr 2020

Arrived quickly and well packed. Chaeto was nice and green and a healthy amount. Thanks!

Cheato 1/2 cup
Written by Layton Handahl on 25th Apr 2020

Excellent condition and generous amount.

Great product
Written by Julio on 14th Apr 2020

I highly recommend this company. Shipping was fast and cheato arrived alive and as described. Glad I gave this company a shot.

Chaeto Order
Written by David Comley on 25th Feb 2020

Arrived well packaged and appears to be in good condition

Written by Gail R on 16th Jan 2020

Received clean, healthy portion. Excellent customer service.

Written by joan Blough on 4th Mar 2019

Was happy I came across this place. My chaeto came healthy and is doing well. As soon as weather gets warmer I will be buying other products from here.

Written by Thomas Mullen on 27th Feb 2019

Nice healthy chaeto. Mine did come with pods in it but I did not find any pests. Very happy with my purchase.

Chaetomorpha macro algae
Written by Richard Quickley on 10th Jan 2019

Was very happy with the amount of the product that I received.

High quality chaeto
Written by Arsen on 30th Jun 2018

Really ultra clean and healthy chaetomorpha. I recommend this algae

My First Order
Written by J. Hunt on 25th Oct 2016

I order some Chaetomorpha and am 100% happy with my purchase.