Jumbo Fern

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Caulerpa Jumbo fern or Giant feather macro algae for sale. Rare strain of saltwater plants jumbo fern macro algae grows up to 18" in length.


You receive 10+ leaves 6"- 10" high with root vines of this rare macro algae grown in captivity for the past 12 years.


Our latest addition of aquacultured Macro algae, (Caulerpa Ashneadii) produces a beautiful undulating swaying motion in the water current.


Seahorses love this giant feather macro algae, they attach to it and spend their day hunting and eating Amphipods and copepods that live in this saltwater plants.


Set up a natural growing seahorse hitching post for your ponies. Your seahorse will love this giant feather algae as much as you do.


Add some green to your reef tank aquarium set up, provide a visual contrast to all the other colors that corals and fish have.

Arrive Alive or replaced for free.

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Large Fern
Written by BRIAN on 1st May 2020

Received my order yesterday and was surprised at how well it was packed. The algae looked really good except for 2 leaves that had gone clear. I acclimated and placed the algae in my tank and so far so good! It it very beautiful and different from any algae I have had before.