Sea Lettuce

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Sea Lettuce (Ulva Lactuca).

You receive a generous portion quart sized bag full of clean Sea Lettuce.

Reason to buy Sea Lettuce Macro Algae for sale.

One of the hardiest and best Macro Algae for refugium.

Aquacultured adapted to growing in reef tank aquarium.

Fast growing macro algae. Easy to grow and care for.

Great water purifier. Absorbs Nitrates and phosphates.

Provides a home for micro organisms like Amphipods and Copepods to set up their breeding colonies.

This saltwater macro algae is ideal for growing promoting colonies of Amphipods to flourish.

As your Sea Lettuce grows in your refugium, you can prune some off to feed to herbivorous fish, like French Angel fish, Queen Angel, Tangs.

Has good nutritional profile.

Sea Lettuce characteristics:

Grows like sheets of green cloth. Does not attach but grows floating or suspended in the water.

Arrive alive Guarantee.