Sea Whip Orange Red

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Orange Red Sea Whips for Sale growing on live rock.

Live Sea Whips make an excellent addition to the saltwater aquarium reef tank.

Great for Seahorse tanks. Seahorses will cling to the Sea Whips and change color to match the bright colors in these gorgonians.

Easy to keep hardy and rare specimens available.

Size: 6"-10".


Species Pterogorgia. Non Photosynthetic. Filter feeding organism.

Sea Whips are in the gargonian family of animals they consume phytoplankton by filter feeding from the water column.

Arrive alive or free replacement.

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Awesome Ref whip coral
Written by Brandon Murray on 7th Jan 2021

Love this and so do my fish!!!

Sea whip orange red
Written by Keith on 25th Jul 2020

Quick delivery. Great condition and healthy. Bright color. The polyps were out feeding within two hours of introduction to the tank.