Tufted Joint Rooted

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These Tufted Joint Macroalgae are attached and rooted naturally growing on a live rock.

No small frags sold here, full size saltwater plants for sale.

Tufted Joint Algae (Cympolia barbata) we grow these on a reef rock.


Large size 6"+ and fluffy all the way around 3 dimensional. 1st Picture.


Medium size 3"-4" fluffy 3 dimensional. 4th Picture.




Showing pics with it out of the water on my hand so you can get an idea of what you'll be receiving, but it shows it's glory when submerged in the water.


Dwarf seahorse habitat and Amphipod haven, seahorse love this macro algae marine plants for sale.


Saltwater Macro Algae Tufted Joint algae is a beautiful display algae and beneficial for maintaining water quality in the saltwater reef tank aquarium.


Tufted Joint Macro Algae loves light and good water flow. It will give your display tank and unique look and will stand out with your corals and fish.


Tufted Joint is a great nutrient exporter and provides oxygenation.


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