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Mangrove 10 - 14 Required

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Buy Red Mangrove Tree Seedlings. Get Free Shipping. Red prop roots. For Refugium.

Why buy Red mangrove Seedlings?

Aquaculture Nursery Farms is proud to show you our mangrove seedlings for sale with bright red prop roots. Nothing like our mangroves anywhere in the world. We at ANF know that the strength of a plant is in the roots. When you buy mangroves you should look at the size and health of the root system.

The most important consideration when buying mangroves is the size of the roots compared to the leaves and stem. If a plant has small weak looking roots it has less of a chance of doing well when you as the buyer transplants them to your aquarium.

Buy these mangroves and you wont be disapinted. Having healthy large prop roots will enable our mangrove seedlings to fulfill the important role of purifying the water in your reef aquarium by absorbing the bad nutrients caused by fish waist.

When you make the decission to buy our red mangrove seedlings you are getting a superior mangrove that took alot more time and effort to grow than your average mangrove out on the web.

Prop roots are one of the most interesting and atractive features of mangrove trees. It is these prop roots that fish, crabs and shrimp make their home habitat in the wild ocean reefs. So far the only palce you can get red mangrove seedlings with prop roots is at Aquaculture Nursery Farms. Large prop roots are a must have if your thinking about buying red mangrove seedlings to grow in your saltwater aquarium or refugium.

Buy red mangroves and start exporting nutrients from your coral reef tank, providing a healthy environment for copepods, amphipods, and all your coral and fish.

Can be grown in freshwater, Saltwater, or brackish water aquariums.

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Excellent Macros, very pleased!
Written by Meli C. on 3rd Sep 2020

Recently purchased some Caulerpa Prolifera, Fern Feather and three Mangroves. They were packed and shipped great and arrived in healthy condition. They are growing well in my sump. Will definitely be purchasing more. Highly recommend the macros from ANF.

Mangroves are great just the right size
Written by Wilfredo robles on 26th Jul 2020

they are growing and doing well, jus the right size and quantity for my sump

Excellent product
Written by undefined on 26th Jan 2016

My expectations were exceeded. Very nice root growth as well as stalk and foliage.