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Mangrove Seeds  for sale or Mangrove Propagules. You get premium mangrove seeds to plant in your aquarium or refugium.

Our premium mangrove seeds will grow healthy and fast under artificial lighting.

Maintain pristine water quality parameters with mangrove seeds in your reef tank.

Provide a habitat for amphipods, copepods,seahorses  and fish with planted mangrove seeds. 

All types of reef animals love to live in mangrove seeds like snails, crabs, shrimp eels, etc..


Introduce Mangrove Seeds to your saltwater Tank.

The advantages when you buy mangrove seeds propagules that have not germinated yet.

Mangrove propagule or seeds, have proven to be much hardier for the aquarium than the seedlings with leaves on them.

Once this mangrove propagule seed starts growing in your reef tank or refugium it will never dye and will be acclimated from the point of germination to your conditions, water chemistry, lighting, water flow etc...


If you don't have the time or inclination to nurse a mangrove seedling that has germinated with leaves, and go through the transplant acclimation adaptation period of up to 2 months.

Don't need to worry how much light or water flow etc. to give the mangrove tree seedling.


Mangrove Seeds are your best option. When you start with a seed all you have to do is anchor it on rocks or sand substrate and give it some light and forget about it. 

After a couple of months you will have a mangrove seedling that is adapted and growing naturally in your saltwater tank system under your particular conditions.


A Mangrove seedling that will export nutrients and beautify your tank and refugium with no concerns as to weather it will survive the transplant from our nursery to your aquarium reef tank.


Mangroves absorb nutrients from the water in order to grow, and help lower nitrates and phosphates in the aquarium.


Mangrove Trees are one of the best nutrient export for the saltwater tank.

Can be planted in freshwater, saltwater, brackish water, in a pot with soil. In southern climates mangrove seeds can be planted outside in ponds also.

( Red mangrove Tree Rhizophora) try some.

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