Orange Chestnut Snail

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 Reasons to buy Orange Chestnut snails clean up crews. Rare saltwater snail, Excellent algae eater. Control nuisance algae in the saltwater reef tank aquarium when you buy Orange Chestnut Snails for sale. Also adds the beautiful bright orange shell to your display tank.


The Chestnut Turbo Snail is an elegant, yet functional, addition to any reef aquarium. Like other snails, Turbo castanae is a powerhouse when it comes to cleaning algae and detritus from your aquarium. Eats Nuisance algae like hair algae, filamentous algae, slime algae, cyano bacteria.

In the wild, Chestnut Turbo Snails are often found in crevices and holes of the reefs, quietly serving as one of nature's more diligent housekeepers. In the home aquarium, the Chestnut Turbo Snail is equally as peaceful and useful. Most prefer ample hiding places and large amounts of room to graze, preferably amongst live rock. They will also feed on the algae covering aquarium glass.


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