Virgin Nerite Snails

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Virgin Nerite snails.

Aquacultured Saltwater snails.



Buy Virgin Nerite snails clean up crews for sale.

Nerite snails are small but mighty.

Average size is 1/4 inch. Beautiful shiny shells with intricate patterns, no too shells are alike.


Nerite snails will climb all over your live rock and glass and they are small enough to get into tight places to scrape algae and keep your saltwater tank clean algae free. Also their small size is ideal for reef tank aquarium since they wont knock over corals.


Introducing Virgin Nerite snails to your coral reef tank aquarium will control nuisance algae buildup and they are a beautiful addition to the saltwater reef aquarium tank. Types of algae these eat, red slime algae, cyano bacteria, bubble algae, hair algae.

Excellent addition to your clean up crew. Reef safe and very hardy, easy to keep. Do to their small size they don't knock down rocks and coral and they can squeeze into tiny crevices to eat the algae in the cracks of the live rock.

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