Golden Finger Coral

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Golden Finger Gorgonian Corals or Yellow Finger Gorgonian for sale have red raised orifices called calyces which contain the snow white feathery polyps that this coral species used to sift or filter food particles like live plankton and copepods from the water column.


Yellow Finger Gorgonians are non photosynthetic which means they do not use light to grow.


Yellow Finger also known as Golden Finger branching gorgonian coral (Diodogorgia nodulifera) makes a great addition to the reef saltwater aquarium and seahorse aquariums as well.


To give your Yellow branching Gorgonian good nutrition feed regular doses of live copepod mix 5 types and alternate feedings with our Phytopreme Live, saltwater marine phyto.

Then you can supplement with non live food such as Oyster Egg Feast, Arctic Pod Feast, and Coral Extacy coral food.

Best to plant your Gorgonian in a low light area of your tank with moderate current flow.