Lava Fire

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Lava Fire sponge. Live sea sponges for sale.


Lava Fire is one of the hardiest easiest to keep and the colors are unbelievable.


No need to baby this sponge, just place it anywhere in the aquarium or reef tank that has some water flow.


Non photosynthetic so no need to worry about it getting enough light. This sea sponge filter feeds from the nutrients and phytoplankton in your water.


This live sea sponge has it all bright red color, velvety texture, and outstanding structure growth form.



No special lighting needed, this sponge will show it's true colors under any kind of lighting and spectrum. Weather it's under LED's, Florescent, T5, Halogen, or sunlight, you don't have to worry about what it will look like when you receive it. You will get a sponge that looks like the specimen in the pics. 


Large size: 4"- 6".


This is considered a rare find type of live sea sponge colony.

No frags here, you get the full colony.

live arrive guarantee.