Red Dragon Fire S

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Red dragon fire live sea sponge small for sale for saltwater aquariums.


Sponges are reef safe and filter feed plankton and bacteria from the water column.


You get a Red Beard Sponge Clathria prolifera specimen similar to the pics but not the exact one pictured.


Size will be 1"-2" square.


Arrive alive or replaced for free.

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Red dragón fire
Written by Tom on 24th Feb 2023

This is a really nice coral it arrived exactly as shown on the website. Nice addition to my tank.

Red Dragon Fire Sponge
Written by Amy P. on 15th Dec 2022

I keep buying them because they are just gorgeous! A gorgeous specimen in any tank for sure.

purchased sponge
Written by lowell on 15th Dec 2022

i've waited forever to get one of these sponges due to stocking issues. the coral was well worth the wait. arrived in perfect conditon and is doing great in my tank. and, yes, it is as bright or brighter than the photo shows.