Red Encrusting A

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Fire Engine Red live sea sponge encrusting type of sponge.

Whole colony not small frags. Very hardy strain for saltwater reef tank aquariums.


Doesn't need any special lighting or blue light or exacting water parameters.

Will attach itself to rocks and bottom structure or gravel substrate.

Sponges are one of the reefs filtering systems, they consume algae and protein matter from the water column.

Large specimen. Size 2"-3".

Rare live sea sponges for sale for saltwater reef tanks.

Sponges are a great compliment to coral tanks and fish only tanks.

Add Sponges to your angler fish tank, sea horse tank, or eel tank and create a beautiful display that most tanks don't have.

Sponges are easy to care for and require no light to grow.

Sea sponges consume among other things bacteria contained in fish and coral waste.

If you have a fish only saltwater aquarium and would like other life in your display besides live rock, get some of our rare sponges and transform your aquarium into a show piece of color and beauty.

Just place them in any water flow area of your tank and watch your shrimp and crabs host on the sponge body.

Guaranteed arrive alive or free replacement.