Red Planet Bryo Coral XL

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Bryonzoan chalice coral whole colony for sale.

Red Planet Bryozoan coral Size 7".

This coral will be the highlight of your reef tank aquarium. Requires no special lighting to show it's splendid coloration.

No special blue light needed for this color to admire it's color.

Bryo corals are non photosynthetic. You plant this chalice with the red color facing downwards away from the light. You can use the top side bowl shaped area to plant other coral frags, sponges or macro algae plants.

Pictures taken under normal spectrum no light required to grow this coral colony.

Tried to take pictures from every angle possible including with a ruler to show size of this center piece coral and texture.

Free express shipping for extra large Bryozoan colony.

The structure is of an upside down bowl or chalice shaped like a roof. Unique shape makes the underside that you see in the picture a nice little cave home for Amphipods and peppermint shrimp to live in.

Home grown in USA Florida. Straight to your tank with no middle men.

The color of this Bryozoan coral is unique and you would be hard pressed to find an overseas coral to rival the depth of this vibrant red color.

Compare this Bryo coral to Montipora, Chalice corals,and Cyphastrea corals for sale.

This coral is very hardy and has an excellent chance of surviving transplant. All it needs is some current and no lighting required.

Our corals have never been put through the rigors and stresses associated with overseas harvesting methods and the import trade and transportation of live corals from foreign countries. Corals brought from overseas locations have high mortality rates in transit and then further stresses and more mortality rates when handled by all the middle men in the aquarium trade.