Reef Soup by the Gallon

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Cope Mix 6 type Soup Required

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Copepods Reef Soup Blend of 6 types of pods for sale in bulk or wholesale Copepods at the best prices online.


Shop no further you have found your dependable wholesale source of Copepods live fish food and coral food, delivered to your door.


Set up weekly or monthly subscriptions for Copepods and Amphipods by the gallon and save.


Get Copepods in sufficient quantities to feed your saltwater aquarium live fish food and coral food on a continuous basis. 


No more small jars with a few thousand copepods. We all know that our fish will consume the live copepods within the first days and then they won't have anymore live food available.


We aquaculture the most variety of live plankton cultures and copepods of any other copepod farm in the United States.


Buy Copepods by the gallon and provide this most valuable live fish food source for your saltwater aquarium and reef tank.


Arrive alive guarantee

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Reef Soup by the Gallon as advertised
Written by Greg Paton on 27th Feb 2023

Another amazing purchase from Rusalty. Received exactly what was advertised a gallon of amazing pods and plankton soup, live, active and abundant.

Reef soup
Written by John H Gibson on 15th Dec 2021

Came in great along with all the products on this order