Tisbe + Tiger Pods

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Cope Mix 6 type Soup

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Tisbe Copepods and Tiger Pods by the Gallon wholesale and save buy in bulk.


Get Tisbe copepods by the gallon.


This is a mix of Tiger Pods and Tisbe Pods. 2 of the best hardiest copepod types. Maintain a healthy reef tank aquarium with live corals and fish by regular feedings of live zooplankton copepods.


Large quantities of sustainable aquacultured source of Tisbe Pods and live saltwater fish food zooplankton Tisbe copepods by the gallon available to the public for home display aquarium tanks.

Great opportunity for you to be able to feed live Tisbe copepods to your saltwater tank on a regular basis. 

Tisbe to feed finicky eaters like Mandarin Fish, Seahorse Fry, dwarf Seahorses and many more reef tank fish like Anthias, goby, and more.


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Tisbe and Tigger Pods
Written by Amy P. on 26th Mar 2023

Hard to see what you're getting and in the net I'm not sure how many are there or got washed away.

Great product
Written by John Moccio on 16th Sep 2021

Great product quick shipping Arrived alive and well