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Dwarf Seahorse for sale.



The best place to buy Dwarf seahorses would be a full scale aquaculture facility like Rusalty that is able to keep and raise the seahorses in the most healthy environment by providing cultured disease free live fish food.



Best food for Dwarf Seahorse is live baby brine shrimp, live Amphipods, Reef Soup copepod mix, and live Mysid shrimp.



Dwarf seahorses are very interesting fish to observe. They will cling to the strands of macro algae seaweed and hunt their live prey.



When you buy dwarf seahorses add some macro algae red Gracilaria to give the seahorse a place to hitch and rest so they can hunt for their food.



Add some of our live prey items like Mysid , amphipods and copepods for your swarf seahorse to eat and stay healthy.



When you buy a Seahorse on line make sure you buy from a supplier that has the appropriate live food to keep your seahorse healthy and happy leading a productive life in captivity.



Live prey organisms for the seahorse to thrive and be at it's top health when you receive your specimen.


When you decide to get a live seahorse for your aquarium try to establish a habitat in your tank that will approximate the seahorses natural habitat as much as possible.


Seahorses are a very tame and gentle non aggressive animal which means they need a sense of security in their new habitat to feel at ease and stress free to prevent disease and other stress related problems.


This involves making sure they have nice live macro algae so the seahorse can attach to and camouflage. 


Make sure you have enough live prey organisms in the system so the seahorse can forage and hunt all day.


Seahorses are considered a live prey hunter forager that need to consume a little live food constantly through out the day.


Natural live prey for seahorses are Amphipods, Mysid shrimp, Grass shrimp and for smaller seahorses copepods are good.


For captive kept seahorses the environment or habitat you provide for it is as important as a well balanced diet of live prey.


For a non aggressive animal like a seahorse that has no way of protecting or defending itself and does not rely on aggression to survive it is important for it to feel safe in it's home in the aquarium.


We often forget to look at things through the eyes of the animal we love and take into our homes.


We assume that if our seahorse aquarium has no aggressive fish or other fast moving animals that the seahorses will be fine.


Unfortunately the seahorse does not know this and it has to live with the idea that danger could be right around the corner.


If there is a lack of natural live macro algae it will feel exposed constantly and will be looking for a better home while it's stuck in the small glass box we call an aquarium.


If there is a lack of live food for it to find then it will be constantly trying to swim and find a new home but it will get nowhere because it's stuck in the box.


These circumstances will cause the seahorse to waste it's energy all day which will weaken it and cause undue stress which leads to health issues and other problems like lake of apatite when you do try to feed it.


What habitat and aquarium setup would you recommend for dwarf seahorse?


What types of animals and fishes would be ok as tank mates for dwarf seahorses?


One animal that is a good tank mate for dwarf seahorse and is gentle and not too big in size and is very colorful but also can be a great clean up animal is our Green lantern shrimp.



We like to make the dwarf seahorse's habitat as close to their original living conditions. So one important item is some kind of macro algae, or at least synthetic water plants if you don't like to fuss with growing live macro algae. One of our best live macros and easiest to grow for seahorses is our fire ball macro. As far as tank mates any fish or shrimp that is not an aggressive eater. Seahorses are very timid and slow eaters so a fast moving fish can overwhelm them and compete for food not allowing them to get enough food. So the answer to your question is, both of the statements below that you read can be true. It all depends on how you handle the situation and the depth of study and observation you want to dedicate to the project of housing and caring for seahorses.
Some of those fish are small and slow moving and gentle like the seahorses so you could potentially have success with keeping some small gobies or one or two fire fish. just don't overwhelm the ponies with too many other tank mates.



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great value - be prepared to set up a second tank!
Written by Rebecca L Bright on 22nd Sep 2022

we are on our 3rd set of babies in one month! these zostrae are healthy and prolific!

Best seller.
Written by Derek on 9th Sep 2022

I have big pet shop and always i am happy to working with rusalty,thanks.

They are great
Written by Roy on 11th Aug 2022

They are amazing

Written by BRANDI GOMEZ on 19th Jul 2022


Better than expected!
Written by Jessica on 14th Jul 2022

Based on my experiences with other sellers, I wasn't expecting much. With this purchase my expectations were exceeded. Dwarf seahorses can be challenging to keep without complications caused by starting out in less than optimal health... and these are healthy seahorses that have obviously been kept fed and cared for well! Shipped in ample water and with a piece of gracilaria to hang on to. Shipping was super fast, too!

Dwarf Seahorses
Written by Ronald Primas on 28th Dec 2021

Exactly what I was looking for. They are black just like I requested, arrived alive and are now thriving , hunting and eating continuously. I cant wait until they get more in. These are all females I will order 2 black dwarf males to start their own population.