Natu-Rose Phytoplankton

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Natu Rose Phytoplankton Micro Algae. 100% Pure.



Reasons to Buy 100% Naturose. Haematococcus microalgae. Aquacultured USA.

Naturose is a highly nutritius fish food and shrimp food. Used to enrich filter feeders of all kinds like copepods, rotifers, brine shrimp. When you enhance the diet you feed your zooplankton cultures the nutritional properties get passed on to your fish fry larvae.

Our Naturose is used by nurseries and hatcheries all over the world today to culture and grow many different species of fish and shrimp. Carotenoid pigments are used by aquatic animals metabolism to produce the brilliant hues of yellow, red and orange. Our captive kept fish are unable to produce these pigments due to diet deficiencies.

This Natu Rose contains pigments such as Astaxanthin, Cantaxanthin, Lutein, and Beta- Carotene.

When these carotenoids form complex molecules with lipids and proteins they will produce blues, greens, purples, and browns.

NatuRose is a natural source of the carotenoid pigment astaxanthin, derived from a unique strain of the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis grown under controlled conditions on the island of Hawaii.

This is a feed ingredient to be used if you need to make your own food recipe. You can combine this concentrated powder into diets that you prepare for your Marine and Freshwater fish.

Recommended to feed in a daily diet consisting of 1 part added to 500 part feed. Highly concentrated fish food, very little goes a long way.

These natural diets are what gives health and longevity to our captive animals.

Just like with us humans. Studies are showing that the more varied diet we eat the better all round health and vigor and longevity we have.

A lot of these type of super foods from the oceans are also starting to become available for people.  Many more are being studied in labs all over the world.

You will find that there is a big cost savings in buying raw products like these as opposed to buying factory processed prepackaged food, like flake food and pelletized fish food.

Here at ANF we strive to provide a variety of all natural and more organic fish and coral feed alternatives than your everyday off the shelf fish food. So feel free to browse our Dry Fish Food category and mix and match different feeds together so you will be providing a well rounded diet to your livestock.

The foods that we are offering here are at the cutting edge of future nutrition for us and our pets at home. Enjoy!!!