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Ruby Crabs for sale to control nuisance hair algae and bubble algae.


Ruby crabs are a morph of the emerald crab that happens to grow red coloration. Ruby crabs are fish and coral friendly just like emerald crabs.


Ruby crabs are one of the best hardiest tank clean up crews to help maintain the reef tank aquarium.


Buy Ruby crabs (Mithraculs Sculptus) One of the best invertebrates for the saltwater aquarium reef tanks.


Will consume bubble algae. Love to eat hair algae and slime algae. Also is great for consuming detritus and uneaten food.


Ruby Red Emerald crabs will also scavenge left over food that fish leave to go to waste in the home aquarium.




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Ruby red
Written by Bill vandergriff on 29th Apr 2021

Awesome little sucker. Was actually big compared to my emerald crab. Cool. Love to watch these guys