Emerald Crabs

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Emerald Crabs for sale to control nuisance hair algae and bubble algae.

Emerald crabs (Mithraculs Sculptus) One of the best invertebrates for the saltwater aquarium reef tanks. Will consume bubble algae. Love to eat hair algae and slime algae. Also is great for consuming detritus and uneaten food.

Emerald crabs are one of the best invertebrates cleaner crews to have. Emerald crabs leave your snails alone and don’t bother corals. Spend their day scraping bubble algae and hair slime algae out of rock crevices.


Emerald crabs can be fed dry sheets of algae like used in sushi rolls.

Emerald crabs are very hardy and take to life in the home display aquarium. Emerald crabs love to spend their day meticulously cleaning live rock and they get down to the roots of your nuisance algae like hair algae, bubble algae and other types of coating algae.

When you buy emerald crabs and introduce them to your display aquarium tank they will eat all the bad algae on the rocks. This rock cleaning allows your purple coraline algae to start reproducing and gives it a chance to start covering your live rock. Then you will start to see the beautiful colors of encrusting coraline algae on your rocks instead of the brown or green algae.



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Emerald crabs
Written by Robert Smaltz on 15th May 2020

Bought 10, all were large/adult size, healthy and active. Twice the size and half the price I've had elsewhere. This vendors shipments have always arrived alive, well and intact.