Oyster Egg Feast

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Oyster Eggs For sale is the best Coral Food and fish food for sale. Get Oyster Eggs to feed your SPS LPS corals.

Why buy oyster eggs for your reef tank aquarium fish and corals.

Oyster eggs for sale are an excellent coral food for all filter feeders in the reef aquarium tank.  

Food for all types of corals. You will notice an immediate feeding response from healthy corals with this highly nutritious fresh Coral Food Oyster Egg Feast.

When you buy oyster eggs you get one of the best appetite stimulator for hard to keep corals, LPS, SPS, Zoanthids, Polyps, Feather Dusters, and more. This easy to use liquid food is comprised of oyster eggs and some ovarian tissue.

Oyster egg feast ranges in size from 1 micron, (ovarian tissue) to 200 micron, (the eggs of the oyster).  Perfect size coral food for corals to ingest.

You apply one tablespoon of oyster eggs per 100 gal. to a high flow area of your tank so it spreads evenly across your water column: or mix in a cup of aquarium water and spread around tank. This unique coral food will remain suspended for long periods in the tank so the filter feeding organisms and corals have a chance to absorb it, simulating the zooplankton soup out on the worlds reefs. This suspended coral food will stimulate the corals’ appetite which is their natural way of feeding in the wild.

The nutritional value contained in oysters has been well documented. Now we can provide this for our captive- kept corals.

Using Oyster Egg Feast coral food as a supplement food for our corals, will bring out their natural vibrant colors and propagating instinct,  allowing the corals to grow faster and healthier to their true potential.

You will immediately notice a strong reaction from your corals if they have never had oyster eggs fed to them. You will notice exponential growth after about 3 months.You can also use this food as a supplement to your live plankton or other coral foods: alternately feeding this on every other day or as a by - weekly diet combination with other dry or liquid foods.

We are discovering that a large percentage of corals are more carnivorous than herbivorous. Basically, they can eat vegetable matter like micro algae, but they absolutely will thrive on a meaty or protein diet.

We offer this oyster eggs for sale coral food that complements our famous Reef Soup Copepod Mix of live zooplanktons and can be used together with live copepods and rotifers.

Oyster eggs have worked very well with our propagation and nursery efforts.

You get the best freshest Oyster Egg Coral Food or your money back.