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 Buy the best fish food and coral food Zu- Feast Reef. Get Plankton in a Bottle hatching liquid Coral food and Fish Food.

Whole organism plankton harvested weekly at our marine saltwater zooplankton copepod farm in Florida.


Developed by Aquaculture Nursery Farms.


Why buy fish food here at ANF?


Designer hatching whole organism fish food and coral food.


Liquid medium. Highly nutritional blend of whole organism zooplankton and eggs (ova) of various species.



Enriched  whole rotifers

Various whole Copepod species

Copepod eggs

Prawn eggs

Oyster bits

Clam bits

Decap’d hatching brine shrimp eggs

Size: 30 – 200 micron

This fish food is designed for use as food for many coral species.

The small size of the organisms is just right for corals.

These whole organisms are suspended in sterile liquid solution.

All ingredients are fresh packed.

Fish will also react favorably to this coral food. Specially your picky eaters like dragonettes, butterflies, and tank raised seahorses, etc.

Feed LPS SPS Polyps Ricordia Leather coral. Contains Rotifers, Copepods, Decapsulated Brine Eggs, prawn eggs.

This fish food remains moist and chewy and whole. It remains suspended in the water column longer than other foods in order for your corals and filter feeders to have a chance to ingest it.

It has the same texture, feel, taste, and smell of the live animals, so fish and corals accept this food more readily than other fish foods out on the market today. The trouble with most aquarium fish foods is that they either float or sink. The best fish food for our aquariums is food that stays suspended in the water column. Most of our aquarium fish and corals are suspension feeders or planktivores. This means that they are used to feeding on zooplankton that spends its life suspended in the water. They spend their day out on the ocean’s reefs looking at the water currents passing by to spot any copepod organism to eat.

Interesting breakthrough in marine aquarium fish food:

The title says hatching fish food. This is a first for developing a live fish food substitute that will also hatch after 12 to 24 hours and continue to be consumed as fish food with newly hatched artemia nauplii.

Part of the ingredients is our decapsulated brine shrimp eggs. So whatever eggs your animals miss,  will settle around your aquarium and eventually hatch - like a time release food.

This fish food is second best to live food.

In some respects it’s better because it’s more convenient. You can keep it in the refrigerator for months.

We use this fish food here at the nursery to supplement our live feeding schedule.

We believe that this fish food is the closest to live food that you can get.

Comes with instructions for use and suggestions for uses.

Shop for all of your coral food and fish food in one place we have the variety. 

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I new feast for corals and fish
Written by undefined on 14th Dec 2015

Initially only dosed 2X every other day. Fish seem to love. Target fed corals - still to early to tell but am confident