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Amphipods for sale with Free shipping no minimum and get Amphipods of the best quality and service. Farm raised Amphipods for sale are not wild caught.

Our Amphipod cultures or saltwater pods are not a mix of Copepods and Amphipods you get uni-cultures to seed your tank..

Buy Amphipods at ANF and receive the actual counts that you order of adult breeding Amphipods.

Amphipods source direct from the grower and save.

Amphipods are a great micro clean up crew. Amphipods eat hair algae and can get into rock crevices and eat the hair algae where fish and snails can't go.


Saltwater Amphipods or saltwater pods for sale are a valuable source of live fish food for Mandarin Fish.

Get Amphipods for Mandarin fish in one place with free shipping.

What's the best food for seahorses and Mandarin fish?


Amphipods are the main food prey animal for seahorses and also live food for Mandarin fish.

Seahorses as well as Mandarin fish need to eat live Amphipods constantly throughout the day to stay healthy and energetic. 


Get Amphipods for sale online for your aquarium and you'll have the best natural live saltwater fish food for fish and Corals in Reef Tanks.

When you establish a population of Amphipods breeding colony in your reef tank aquarium. You can keep Mandarin fish and seahorses the easy way.


Amphipods will live and breed in cracks and crevices in your live rock and will come out at night when it's safe and eat uneaten food and fish waste thus helping to maintain  water quality, also consume unwanted nuisance algae.

Easy to culture your own. All that’s needed is a 10 gal aquarium, air stone, and small filter. Amphipods will accept many different foods: Pulverized flake/ Pellets, ground-up algae, or Spirulina Powder. We use our Coral Extacy Amphipod Food to feed our Amphipod cultures.

Amphipods have a highly nutritious profile. Containing Omega 3 – 6 fatty acids and many more powerful vitamins and elements to provide the healthiest diet for captive kept marine animals of all types.

As Amphipods mature to adults they become more benthic (like to crawl on structure), but will also swim sometimes.

Newborn naupli are in the 100- 200 micron size.

Stages of juveniles are 1 – 3 millimeter size.

Adults get up to 6 millimeter (1/4 inch) size.

An Amphipod breeding colony can produce many baby saltwater pods per week.

Amphipods make an excellent micro cleanup crew. Also serves as a valuable food source of live zooplankton for fish and corals.

Amphipods feed on nuisance hair algae, dead decaying algae, leftover food and fish waste. They will constantly be grazing on your live rocks & sand bottom. They love to setup their breeding colonies in macro algae.  We have been aqua-culturing these pods for a number of years here in Okeechobee, Florida. With these in your tank they will multiply rapidly and spread out, producing thousands of nauplii and multiple stages of juveniles.

Use Amphipods to seed your reef tank and sump/Refugium.  Once they get established and breeding in your system you will have a constant supply of zooplankton to feed your corals and fish.  

If you already have Macro algae growing in your sump, these pods will establish a breeding colony in the macros and your pump will periodically draw some pods out of the sump into your main tank; thereby scatter feeding corals and fish with live plankton throughout the day.

Aquaculture Nursery Farms Amphipods for sale are a hardy species that we have adapted, through many generations of culturing, to home aquarium conditions.

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Written by LUIS on 7th Feb 2020

I just recieved my order..I am very happy .thanks for your promptness ..will be ordering from you again..

Written by LUIS on 7th Feb 2020

I just recieved my order and I am very was well packaged and my pods where alive ...great job guys .will definitely or from you again......

Written by Gail R. on 16th Jan 2020

Arrived in excellent shape, healthy and lively. Generous amount in all sizes that immediately went to work after acclimation. Will order again.

Written by Rosie Conte on 13th Jan 2020

Nice packaging and came all alive. I can see the little critters moving about. I ordered amphipods specifically for mandrin goby but I found out that they don’t eat amphipods... Response: Yes Mandarin Goby does eat Amphipods as their natural prey, better than Tisbe Pods. The Mandarin fish eats the juvenile stages of the Amphipods. The adults are able to breed and multiply in your aquarium. For a continuous supply of live prey for your Mandarin.

Very Happy With Rusalty Amphipods
Written by Bobbi Sloan on 27th Dec 2019

I bought the amphipods for clean up crew and to offer my fish some variety in their diet. I'm very glad I bought them. They came promptly, well packaged, and arrived alive and quite lively. I will be buying again in the future.

Written by Jesse Evans on 16th Dec 2019

This is the second time I’ve ordered and both orders have been smooth. I’ll order again any day.

Written by John LaManna on 11th Nov 2019

Very fast, all healthy !

Written by Erica on 18th Jun 2019

I love the fact that these amphipods are aqua-cultured and not wild caught. I bought wild caught amphipods one time and the parasites infested my seahorses and the pathogens destroyed my tank. I had to sterilize my tank and recycle it. It was a nightmare and I can hardly believe my seahorses survived all that. So now I only buy aqua-cultured amphipods. I am so happy I found! Their prices on aqua-cultured amphipods are the best I've found. The amphipods always arrive healthy and lively (choose next-day delivery). Now my seahorses can have fun hunting for amphipods in the rocks again, and I can enjoy watching them knowing that they are eating safe snacks! :)

Written by Chas on 14th Jun 2019

Awesome huge pods! 100% alive

Written by Erica on 30th Apr 2019

Ordered next day delivery. The amphipods came looking lively and healthy. There were more than I ordered. Thank you! The seahorses are having fun hunting for the amphipods in the rocks. :)

I got exactly what I thought I was going to get
Written by Wendell Perkins on 17th Nov 2016

I ordered amphipods and they showed up when I had expected them. They were the size I thought I was getting. They were healthy and there were more than I had paid for.