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Best live seahorse food is Amphipods and Saltwater Ghost Shrimp. Get All of your most nutritious live seahorse food cultures combos for sale in one place.

Buy food for seahorse for sale in a store that has the most variety of food for seahorses in one place.

Other live food for seahorses that we have available are live Copepods, Ghost Shrimp, Mysid shrimp, Brine Shrimp, Tisbe Pods.

What do seahorse eat? First off you will find that there many different types of seahorses. While most seahorses need live food there are some tank raised seahorses that have been trained to eat non live foods. All seahorses benefit from eating live foods on regular basis.

When you buy seahorse for sale online for your aquarium you need a website that has all the supporting live stock, habitat organisms, and live food.

Most likely the place where you buy your seahorse doesn't carry all the necessary item that you need to house your seahorse and give it a natural home so it will thrive in your reef tank, or species tank. 



Some types of seahorses are: Hippocampus erectus, Hippocampus Reidi, Hippocampus kuda, Dwarf Seahorse, lined seahorse, big belly seahorse, zebra seahorse, spiny seahorse,crowned seahorse.


Each organism culture comes packed in an individual container. 

Arrive Alive guarantee.

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Bargain value
Written by Bo on 28th Jan 2021

Everything arrived alive and packed in surplus! Happy horses all around!

combo pack
Written by ALAN FYNE on 6th Aug 2020

My horses are happy....What else is there to say? I have never fed them amphipods before . Those fish swam faster than I ever saw them and have been hunting continuously since we put the tiggers and copepods and amphipods in the tank

Very Happy With Rusalty Sea Horse Kit
Written by Bobbi on 3rd Mar 2020

I was very pleased with the sea horse kit that included just the right amount of copepods and amphipods to seed my tank for my tank.