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Tigger Pods and Tisbe Copepods  and Live Phytoplankton Concentrate. Get the best price for Copepods, Phytoplankton combos with Free Shipping. 


Tigger and Tisbe Copepods Mixed.


Plus a same size portion of our concentrated Copepod Food PhytoPreme Live.


Feed your copepods the best blend of 6 types of Phytoplankton micro algae and see the explosion in reproductive growth.


Feed all your fish the best live fish food. Fish like Mandarin, Seahorses, Anthias, Goby, Jawfish, Cuttlefish, Angelfish and more will thrive and lead healthy lives when you feed then live copepods.

Arrive Alive or free replacement.

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Written by James Calvin on 23rd Jul 2019

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