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Tigger Tiger Pods + Tisbe Copepods blend

Comes loaded with a mix of Tigger Copepods and Tisbe Copepods. Get copepods at the best prices for sale online.


Copepod Combo Pack has the two best types of live Copepods fish food to feed Mandarin Fish food, Seahorses and Fish larvae fry and many other planktonic feeding fish and corals. Add some Amphipods to your order and you have the perfect combination.

Tigger Copepods and Tisbe Copepods are one of the hardiest types that have the best chance of reproducing and establishing a breeding colony in your aquarium environment if you feed them some live phytoplankton algae cells once a week.

Tisbe are one of the smallest types of Copepods ranging in size from 15 microns nauplii to 200 micron in adult size.

Tigger Copepods are a large variety that can get up to 2 millimeters in length as adults.

Copepods are essential to establish a whole life cycle aquarium reef tank habitat.


Guaranteed live arrival or free replacement.

Product Reviews

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Arrived in perfect condition
Written by KW on 20th Mar 2023

They arrived on time and in perfect condition. Very happy with product and will order again.

Tiger and tisbe pods
Written by Pat on 3rd Feb 2023

Bag was swarming w them swimming. Will buy again

Written by Kevin on 11th Aug 2022

Arrived in great condition. Thanks RUSALTY

Written by Denny Smith on 5th Mar 2021

Received a full bag of Copepod well and alive! Nicely packed and fast shipping . Put them in my Refugium and all looks great! Thanks RUSALTY!

Tigger + Tisbe
Written by emtonnica on 6th Feb 2021

As always loaded with pods great doing business with you. and always Super Fast Shipping Glad you're around

Best pods I've found
Written by Adam Pike on 7th Aug 2020

was a bit skeptical when initially ordered but when they arrived the bag was crawling with pods, shipped fast, will definitely be ordering again!

Plenty "O" Pods
Written by Michael A.K.A. - Acan Skywalker on 15th Mar 2016

This being my first order from ANF I was pleasantly surprise with their attention to detail in both the buying & shipping experience. E-mails were sent, a tracking number provided, they were even able to give me the delivery day. The combo package I ordered came in a jar full of life and rich with color from the large density of pods. Along with my coral & fish I couldn't be happier. I should also metion the directions were thorough and easy to follow & shipping is free.