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Nannochloropsis for sale. 

When you buy our Nanno or Nannochloropsis saltwater micro algae. You get a dark green starter culture of concentrated cells intended for starting algae phyoplankton cultures.

Shop for dense saltwater Nanno algae starter. You get high density nannochloropsis live phytoplankton.

Use our Phytoplankton Fertilizer specially formulated for saltwater micro algae culture.

Buy Phyto-Food RUSALTY brand if you want to grow your own phyto cultures.

This strain of saltwater marine unicellular algae is one of the most cultured for use in all kinds of marine animal farms. From shrimp farms to coral nurseries, to larval fish development.

This strain of Nannochoropsis or Nanno is one of the best live feed sources for all kinds of zooplankton cultures like different kinds of copepods, rotifers, amphipods.

Our Nannochloropsis phytoplankton is also used for the culture of mollusks like Croacia clams, and other saltwater clams and oysters.

Nanno is used for raising corals and filter feeding organisms. Combined with live zooplankton like rotifers and copepods these are the best natural live food for corals and anemones.

Fish hatcheries and nurseries use Nanno or Nannochloropsis micro algae to feed live zooplankton like rotifers and copepods so they will have the proper nutrition to use the zooplankton for raising the fish larvae and fry.


If you follow the directions for feeding this Nannochloropsis algae to your saltwater aquarium, after about a month, you will notice a growth explosion in your microfauna: such as, micro starfish, micro feather dusters, baby snails, baby clams, all your live zooplanktons, like copepods, amphipods, etc. will start reproducing like never before. Before they would have been subsiding on detritus in your tank, which is a minimal existence for them, you will now witness some of the true glories of the ocean’s micro animals when they have their natural live nutrition.

Live food for Brine shrimp culture, Mysis shrimp culture, Copepod culture, Rotifer culture, Larvae Culture, amphipod culture.

This live Nanno or Nannochloropsis Phytoplankton will sometimes be unavailable for short periods of time due to the batches running out. We always harvest the phyto that we send you fresh. This methods insures that when we post fresh batches for sale they are always new and fresh, so they will last you longer and stay alive and fresher longer in your storage. You will always receive fresh live Phytoplankton Nanno.

Guaranteed Live arrival or we send you a new batch.

Product Reviews

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Great phyto!
Written by Brad on 3rd Jan 2021

The phyto arrived nice and dark green. My culture has been going for 2 weeks with no problems!

Excellent shipping time and quality
Written by Matt on 17th Jul 2020

Very happy with the purchase thank you!

great product!!
Written by Nate Allen on 26th Jan 2016

My pod population and corals love the stuff and I've used it to culture my own. Every Reefer should be using this!

Best phytoplankton
Written by undefined on 25th Feb 2014

This culture of phytoplankton is by far one of the best I have used so far. Very healthy and with the phyto feed is ready to split into another 2 liter bottle after 5 days.