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Package contains 5 Sizes of organisms live forage listed from smallest to largest.


Phytopreme Live. 1 Qt.

Live saltwater Rotifers. 1 Qt.

Tisbe Copepods. 1 Qt.

Saltwater Amphipods. 2000 cnt

Saltwater Feeder Shrimp. 75 cnt

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Role Copepods and these animals play in our saltwater aquarium tanks.


Live phytoplankton maintains water quality. Eats phosphates and nitrates. Feeds animals such as clams filter feeders, Gargonians and other corals.


Rotifers maintain water quality by filter feeding and are food for filter feeders corals and fish fry and larvae.


Copepods Tisbe scavenge fish waist, small uneaten food particles and scrape algae off rocks and substrate. Food for Mandarin fish. Dwarf Seahorse and many other planktonic feeding fish and inverts.


Amphipods Scavenge debris, fish waste, eat unwanted nuisance algae slime and hair algae. Are food for Mandarin fish Seahorses and all fish.


Feeder Shrimp Food for larger fish such as Angler fish, Eals, Grouper and more. Will produce many juveniles that will feed other smaller mouthed fish.

Excellent scavenger and nuisance algae eater clean up crew.





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