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You receive 3 size ranges of micro clean up crews and live forage animals.


Saltwater Feeder Shrimp 100 cnt.

Amphipods  3000 cnt.

Tisbe Copepods  2 Quarts. (20,000 Pods)


Establish an essential link in the natural food chain in the modern reef tank aquarium.

These small easy to keep hardy animals will set up breeding colonies and reproduce offspring in different sizes to provide nutrition for aquarium fish and corals.

Incorporating small planktonic animals into the reef tank is beneficial because these small critters dedicate themselves to cleaning scraping nuisance algae from rock crevices and substrate sand.

Also will help break down uneaten left over fish food which helps maintain water quality.

Sand beds and live rock will produce better bacteria of the healthy kind if they are kept clean by these micro clean up crew animals in the aquarium tank.

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