Purple Frilly Jumbo

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Gorgonian soft corals.


Purple Frilly Gorgonian Jumbo sized specimen for sale.


Buy live Gorgonians corals for saltwater aquariums and great addition to the seahorse tank.


Size: 12"-16".


Jumbo Frilly gorgonian are an easy beginner soft coral, all they require is some plankton feed twice per week.


Our pest free Gorgonians are whole colony large specimens.


Purple Frilly feed by extending their polyps and filtering passing plankton in the water current.


Food requirements.


Needs light to photosynthesize.


Also eats plankton from the water column. Can feed our Oyster Egg Feast, or Coral Extacy whole plankton hatching liquid coral food twice a week.


Lighting requires Moderate to high.