Purple Frilly

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Purple Frilly Gorgonian for sale.

Buy Gorgonians for saltwater aquarium, add bio diversity to your reef tank.

Purple Frilly gorgonian are an easy beginner soft coral, all they require is some plankton feed twice per week.

These are whole colony large specimens  considered in the soft coral family.

Purple Frilly has white to tan colored polyps that extend to filter feed from passing copepods, and phytoplankton in the water current.

Food requirements.

Needs light to photosynthesize.

Also eats plankton from the water column. Can feed our Oyster Egg Feast, or Coral Extacy whole plankton hatching liquid coral food twice a week.

Lighting requires Moderate to high.



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Purple whip.
Written by Bill vandergriff on 7th Mar 2021

Love these things. They make a great addition to any tank

Purple Frilly
Written by James A Trubilla on 1st Mar 2021

So Beautiful. My seahorses love it. Also, very healthy piece for the price.

Purple frilly
Written by Tracey Lewis on 28th Feb 2021

Awesome..perfect..just like the picture..