Red Gracilaria

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Buy Red Gracilaria Macro Algae for Sale.

One of the best macro algae for refugium. 

Gracilaria Parvispora Saltwater Macro Algae.  Saltwater Plants for sale and Marine plants are beneficial for maintaining water quality in the reef Tank saltwater aquarium.

Live Saltwater Macro Algae for sale makes a home habitat for Copepods and Amphipods


This strain of Red Gracilaria Macro algae is great for housing Copepods and Amphipods.

Grows in small branches like you see in the pics.

You receive 1 large handful of small pieces like in the pics.

Another stunning red macro algae is our cultured fire ball dragons tongue.


Gracilaria macro algae is a great nutrient exporter. Purifies aquarium reef tank water by consuming phosphates and nitrates as it grows.

Plant in refugium or main display aquarium reef tank.


Red Gracilaria marine plant has excellent nutritional profile for herbivorous fish. Saltwater plants will improve coloration in fish when you feed a live algae. You will notice improved health and more energetic behavior in fish when they eat live algae. Feed Fish such as Tang, Angelfish, and many more.


Grow Red Gracilaria Saltwater plants macro algae in the Refugium to have a constant supply of live nutritious macro algae to feed fish.

Aquacultured USA


Product Reviews

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Pest free
Written by Paul Lee on 17th Dec 2020

Extremely clean, good size single branch with almost no "debris" branches, recommend!

Red Gracilaria
Written by C Hill on 28th Apr 2020

Arrived quickly, well packed. My fish are loving it!

Great color
Written by Gonzalo Lassally on 17th Jan 2020

Works great for nutrient export and had great color.

Red Gracilaria
Written by Gail R on 16th Jan 2020

Healthy, nice amount that is already growing gangbusters in my fuge. All of the copepods and amphipods that were just added are thriving and keeping the fish very happy. Super customer service!