Red Grape Macro

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Red Grape Macro Algae on small live rock substrate for sale. Rare macro algae aquacultured at rusalty.


Red Grape macroalgae comes rooted naturally on it's original rock and grows in long stems with small grapes as leaves.


Buy live saltwater plants or macro algae to grow in reef tank and refugium.



Red Grape macro algae or Botryocladia grows from one central stem outward. You can plant this macro in substrate or glue the central stem on a live rock or wedge it into a crack in the rocks to  secure it.


Buy Red Grape macro algae or saltwater plants help to maintain water quality in the aquarium reef tank.


Grape macro algae is a habitat for pods like amphipods and copepods. Copepods like to establish breeding colonies in the macro algae.


Red Grape macro algae is great for seahorse tanks and dwarf seahorse aquarium set ups. Seahorse use it as a hitching post and they hunt the pods in the stems of the plant.

Arrive alive or free replacement.

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Red Grape Macro
Written by Amy P. on 15th Dec 2022

Gorgeous specimen and shipped with painstaking care to ensure you receive the very best.

first time order
Written by Bobbie on 26th Aug 2020

came in great shape, packing was ok i would have preferred box but it looked ok only a couple of grapes were off

red grape macroalgae
Written by gary henkel on 11th Mar 2020

so far so good. i've had difficulty maintaining red macros in my seahorse tank before, so we will see how this fares. so far so good. nicely attached to a rock so all i had to do was position it and not frag it which was nice. good quality specimen. gary